Barcelona attacks: Yasmeen Khan says 'I want to shake these people'

At least 14 people have died in Las Ramblas and Cambril

Las Ramblas was the scene of horror yesterday

Friday, August 18, 2017

talkRADIO presenter Yasmeen Khan has said she wants to "shake" the people responsible for yesterday's attacks in Barcelona, saying they're simply the moronic patsys for people who aren't prepared to die themselves.

Yesterday (August 17) 13 people died as a van was driven into crowds of people on Las Ramblas. Later another vehicle was driven into people in Cambrils and a woman has now died from her injuries.

The attack has been claimed by Islamic State. But Yasmeen, a Muslim herself, said: "We need to ask why this is happening and yes we should completely continue to condemn it but you know what, it’s too easy to say that these guys are idiots.

"Because if we just dismiss them as idiots we’re never going to engage because this is not just about religion. This is not just about foreign policy. It’s not even just about some ridiculous perceived fantasy of a caliphate. This to me is about masculinity."

The talkRADIO presenter explained that she wants "to shake them and say 'look these so-called leaders that you’re listening to, that inspire you to do this.

"They’re not doing it. They’re sitting happy as larry somewhere where they can’t be found, using you as human cannon fodder.

"But as much as I want to shake them, I want to ask them what made them so lacking in a sense of self that they felt that this out-and-out murder, because that’s what it is, was somehow their positive contribution as a human being."

Yasmeen believes "what we really need to do is to show togetherness and inclusivity because they, those people screwing up the minds of these kids, they want us to be spewing bile at each other because they believe in divide and conquer.

"If we’re to stop people, young men feeling disenfranchised, feeling that hiring a van and mowing people down is a good thing to do, then we have to have a society in which we give people, all people, a chance to be involved, to be included and to feel normal."

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