Barcelona superstar Neymar to stand trial for fraud

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Brazilian football superstar Neymar has been ordered to stand trial for "fraud and corruption" related to his transfer from Santos to Barcelona.

Judge Jose de la Mata has imposed the order on the striker, as well as his parents, Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu, his predecessor Sandro Russell, Santos president Odilio Rodrigues and representatives of the two clubs.

Combined bail for the defendants is set at €3.4 million (£2.8 million). This sum corresponds to the amount being claimed by Brazilian investment fund DIS, which owned a portion of Neymar's economic rights before his 2013 transfer to the Camp Nou.

DIS, which brought the initial case, claims the various parties involved in the deal deliberately understated the transfer valuation in official documents, allowing them to underpay the investment fund. 

Barcelona originally published the transfer figure at around £48 million, but Spanish authorities believe the real figure was closer to £70 million.

Prosecutors are demanding two years' imprisonment and a fine of €10 million for Neymar, and five years' incarceration for Rosell.