Barcelona: 'Terrorism is the new normal and will increase as Isis diminishes in Middle East'

Barcelona: 'Terrorism is the new normal and will increase as Isis diminishes in Middle East'

The first attack took place on Las Ramblas

Friday, August 18, 2017

Security expert Will Geddes has claimed terrorism is the new normal and it will increase as Islamic State diminishes in the Middle East.

Yesterday (August 17) a van was driven into crowds of people on Las Ramblas killing at least 13 people and injuring more than 100, however the driver of the van has not yet been found.

Later a car was driven into pedestrians in Cambrils injuring six people and a policeman. Five suspected attackers were shot dead by the police.

Geddes, who is in Barcelona, told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "People are going back to their everyday business because...this is the new normal and I think that we have to accept that we live with terrorism in our life.

"Unfortunately we have a vast majority of disenchanted disgruntled individuals out there that feel that life's given them certain hardships" and "therefore they have to align themselves to some kind of radical belief.

"I think as Islamic State, for example, as their position diminishes out in the Middle East in Syria and Iraq...many of their fighters are going to be returning to their original nations or their home nations and carrying out attacks of this nature."

He believes that "even with all the best will in the world there is just simply not the resource to be able to keep under surveillance" those thought to be a threat "without removing those privacy elements and human rights for innocents and normal people."

But despite this Geddes is calling on "our Government [to] take this much more seriously and come back with some decisive action."

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