Barking mad, or ruff justice? Drop in to the Two Mikes' doggy debate

The Two Mikes discuss dog behaviour with expert Elizabeth Kershaw

Dogs: perfect companions, or a waste of effort?

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Dog behaviourist Elizabeth Kershaw joined the Two Mikes on Thursday to discuss the secret life of dogs, as Mike Graham revealed he's leaving his pooch in a kennel while he goes on holiday.

Mike Parry thought that was rather cruel, even though the dog would be staying with siblings, parents and others related to him. 

His broadcastng partner, though, was adamant that his pampered pet would enjoy its own 'holiday of a lifetime', and tried to convince his colleague that owning a dog would make him "less grumpy". 

Listen to the hilarious to and fro as dog lovers Mike Graham and Elizabeth Kershaw try to convince Mike Parry of the value of a canine companion.  

Listen to the full interview to find out more