Barrister who posted Hitler links and anti-Semitic tweets kicked out of the profession

Monday, October 31, 2016

A barrister who posted links online to a Hitler speech as well as offensive tweets towards Muslims and Jews has been thrown out of the profession, acccording to reports.

A tribunal heard Ian Millard's account made clear he was a barrister, bringing the profession into disrepute.

A series of tweets posted on Millard's account in November 2014 were read to the hearing. Tribunal documents claim he referred to former Justice Secretary Michael Gove as a "pro-Zionist pro-Jew expenses cheat."

Another tweet featured a Nazi swastika along with a phrase in German "Juden sind hier unerwunscht" (Jews not wanted here). Millard also posted references to the Nazi message "At the end is the victory" and Hitler.

Reports claim he called on the UK to "wake up" along with a link to an article about Muslim cab drivers refusing to take a blind man with his guide dog.

Sara Jagger, director of professional conduct at the Bar Standards Board, said: "The tribunal rightly found that such behaviour diminishes the trust and confidence the public places in the profession and the decision to disbar Mr Millard reflects this."

Reports also claim that proceedings will be brought against Millard in the US, as he is still a member of a New York bar. 

He has the right to appeal the UK decision.