Basketball star Dennis Rodman gave Kim Jong-un copy of Donald Trump's book

Basketball star Dennis Rodman gives Kim Jong-un copy of Donald Trump's book

Dennis Rodman is visiting North Korea

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Basketball star Dennis Rodman has passed on a copy of Donald Trump's book The Art of the Deal to Kim Jong-un.

Rodman has been visiting the hermit kingdom this week but has said his visit is not linked to the White House, the Business Insider reported.

He gave the book to the North Korean sports minister Kim Il-guk, to give to leader Jong-un.

Trump was in charge of Rodman during two TV series of the Celebrity Apprentice.

The former basketball player is also said to have given a Where's Waldo? book, two sets of soap, a mermaid puzzle and two autographed jerseys.

During his trip he has met some of North Korea's young basketball players as well as its Olympic athletes.

Rodman has previously visited the country four times. Despite controversy surrounding Rodman in some trips, for example when he sang happy birthday to the North Korean leader, this time Il-guk complemented him.

He said: "In the past, our respected supreme leader met you several times and he used his precious time to watch the basketball match with the players you brought here.

"In the past he met you, so our people all know you well and also we feel that you are an old friend."