Battle of Britain Day: Britain gives thanks to its World War Two heroes

People across Britain paid homage to our country's war heroes today

The Battle of Britain was a decisive moment in the war

Friday, September 15, 2017

Today marks Battle of Britain Day, and people up and down the country have been giving thanks to the people who defended our country during the Second World War.

September 15 marks the anniversary of the pivotal clash in the Battle of Britain, a day which resulted in huge German losses and swung the battle Britain's way.

Germany sent hundreds of aircraft across the Channel in an attempt to break the British resistance and pave the way for a full-scale invasion of the island. But the RAF refused to budge, and its fighters downed 176 Luftwaffe planes - against only 25 British losses.

Following the German's crushing conquest of France, the Battle of Britain was crucial in prolonging the war and holding up Hitler until America ended the war. It also stands as a monument to British courage and the spirit of those fighters immortalised by Winston Churchill as "the few."

Read a selection of the most touching tributes below.