BBC apologises to Jeremy Corbyn over Charlie Mullins 'tw*t' tirade

BBC apologises to Jeremy Corbyn after Radio 4 guest insults him

Charlie Mullins called the Labour Leader a "twat" live on The World At One

Thursday, July 27, 2017

The BBC has apologised to Jeremy Corbyn after a guest interviewee called him a "twat" live on the air. 

BBC Radio 4 had brought on Charlie Mullins, the boss of Pimlico Plumbers and a donor to the Conservative Party, onto The World At One (WATO) programme to discuss the UK remaining in the single market after Brexit. 

The Labour Leader had expressed the view that the UK should leave the market after it withdraws, saying membership of the EU was linked to it. 

Mullins took the opposing view, insisting the country should stay in the market before refering to Corbyn in a foul-mouthed manner. 

WATO host Martha Kearney immediately apologised to Labour's Leader for the language, ending the interview at the same time. 

Mullins apologised on Twitter for the slur, but not the "sentiment" behind it.