BBC criticised by MPs over Brexit coverage

BBC criticised by MPs over Brexit coverage

They have written a letter which accused the broadcaster of bias in its Brexit coverage

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The BBC has been told by more than 70 MPs it risks undermining Britain's interests due to perceived bias in how it has covered Brexit.

A letter written to the BBC director-general Lord Hall by Tory MP Julian Knight has claimed the broadcaster is unable to break free of "pre-referendum pessimism". 

It was signed by 60 Tory MPs as well as UKIP's only Commons representative Douglas Carswell, three Labour MPs, and several peers in the House of Lords.

The letter accuses the BBC of unfair representation of Leave voters.

It says: "We know many Leave-voting constituencies have felt their views are unfairly represented. 

"This weakens the BBC bond with the 52% and those who wish to make a success of Brexit.

"The BBC runs the most-used news website in the country, on top of its television and radio coverage.

"This, as well as the belief in its neutrality, means BBC bias can have a substantial effect on the national debate."

The group also express fears the coverage might sway the perception of Britain in other countries. 

The letter reads: "By misrepresenting our country either as xenophobic or regretful of the Leave vote, the BBC undermines efforts to carve out a new role for this country.

"We therefore ask you to take steps to correct flaws in the BBC's coverage of Brexit at the earliest moment."