BBC Pay: Emily Maitlis 'furious' after not appearing on high-paid list

Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis critics BBC after not appearing on high paid stars list

Emily Maitlis has criticised the BBC

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis is apparently "furious" about earning less than her male colleagues after the BBC's high-end salaries report was revealed.

Yesterday (July 19) the BBC released the salaries of all those earning more than £150,000. Maitlis did not appear on the list but her male Newsnight colleague Evan Davis did.

A source told The Sun: "Emily is totally furious as she feels like she has been lied to. For her not to be on the list is unbelievable.”

Reports claim Maitlis was offered a pay rise before the figures were released but she didn't accept it.

Maitlis attempted to make light of the matter in a speech at TechUK yesterday (July 19), saying "you’re an industry doing so well, soon you’ll be able to afford a BBC man."

However she also retweeted a disparaging comment by BBC radio presenter Jane Garvey, who also failed to make the list.

Garvey tweeted: “I’m looking forward to presenting BBC Woman’s Hour today. We’ll be discussing #genderpaygap. As we’ve done since 1946. Going well, isn’t it?”

However the pay discrepancy may soon be resolved as Maitlis, who is currently out of contract, is in talks with the BBC about a new deal, The Guardian reported.

Maitlis's agent, Alex Armitage, said the fact Maitlis isn't on the high-paid list is “beyond madness and being dealt with."

Theresa May has said the BBC should keep releasing figures about pay to show it is fighting the gender pay gap and claimed the Corporation should continue looking at the issue of paying men and women different amounts for the same jobs.