BBC rejects Brexit 'bias' claims: 'We're simply holding politicians to account'

The letter to the BBC was signed by over 70 MPs

The BBC has been accused of bias against Brexit

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The BBC has responded to a letter from MPs criticising its perceived lack of objectivity over Brexit, saying it is simply fulfilling its mission "to hold politicians to account."

The letter, signed by over 70 MPs, suggested that the Corporation had taken a negative approach over Brexit and abandoned its commitment to impartiality.

The lawmakers also wrote that this attitude was damaging Britain's chances of securing the best possible deal in the forthcoming Brexit negotiations.

However a BBC spokesperson has said: “While we are always live to our critics and understand that passions are running high on all sides of the debate, it is the job of the BBC to scrutinise and analyse the issues on behalf of the public and to hold politicians to account across the political spectrum.

"That is what the BBC has been doing. It is what the BBC will continue to do.  It is precisely because of this, that the public trusts the BBC.”

Earlier Michael Gove, former government minister and lynchpin of last yhear's Brexit campaign, told talkRADIO that the views of the millions who voted Brexit "must be respected."

Prime Minister Theresa May is due to trigger Article 50 on March 29, triggering the Brexit negotiation period.