Beast from the East: What's it like in the rest of Europe?

The Beast from the East has brought pretty miserable conditions to the UK
​The Netherlands

Find out how different countries are coping by scrolling through the gallery

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Chaos has ensued across the UK as a result of the Beast from the East covering much of the country in snow.

We all know even a light dusting of snow can cause everything to come to a grinding halt, with those from other countries often mocking us over our inability to deal with cold weather - despite the fact we've had so much practice.

But this time it appears the rest of Europe is fairing equally badly. It's not just the UK getting it in the neck - even the usually sunnier climes of Spain and Italy have been indundated with snow and ice.

If you thought the UK was cold at the moment, click on the gallery above and take comfort in these pictures sent in by our continental cousins.