Beast from the East: Will you be able to get home tonight?

The Beast from the East has unleashed over the UK

Scroll through the gallery to see how travel has been affected

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Beast from the East is continuing to cause chaos in the UK and as you'll have seen, heard and possibly experienced first-hand, it's brought a deluge of disruption to the country's commuters.

Some areas have suffered lows of -11 degrees celsius and there were several crashes on the roads yesterday (February 27).

Motorists had to be rescued overnight after being stranded, according to The Telegraph, whilst many train and bus routes were also affected with delays and cancellations across the country.

Many of us have braved the wind, snow and slippery conditions to get into work today - but, with the weather worsening all the time, will we be able to make it home tonight?

To find out how your area is affected, check out our helpful guide below - and scroll through our gallery to see some of this morning's disruption.

In addition to all the information below (last updated at 5pm), you can find information about Britain's rail network on the National Rail website.


Getting around the capital city is possible today, although likely to be slower than usual.

The London Underground is running, although this afternoon there are delays on the Central and Piccadilly lines. The London Overground is also running with delays.

Whilst buses are running, some road conditions are dangerous meaning drivers need to take care. Several National Rail services are not running at full capacity, some services are delayed and customers should check before they travel.

Go to the TfL website for more into.

Birmingham and the Midlands

The beast has not affected travelling around the second city too much. The only reported issues with bus travel are pre-planned road works and there have also been no disruptions to the Metro tram system, as snow in the city is mostly a light dusting.

There have been a number of disruptions on the Midlands rail network, there are no trains between St Albans Abbey and Watford Junction and delays are expected on the London-Birmingham route throughout the afternoon. Virgin Trains and CrossCountry services are warning of disruption due to the weather. 

Trains between Lincoln and Grimsby are likely to be cancelled for the rest of the day. Elsewhere the Boston-to-Skegness and route is completely down.

Check out East Midlands Trains and West Midlands Railway (which is currently running a good service) for more info.

Manchester and the North West

The north appears to have been hammered by the Beast from the East. This morning there were severe delays on the London to Glasgow line, which runs through the North West and some services between Carlisle and Glasgow have now been cancelled. 

All trams are currently running a good service on the city's Metrolink network, aside from the Altrincham and Bury lines which have minor delays. There are warnings of disruption on the Arriva Trains Wales services between Manchester and South Wales which are expected to continue until the end of the day. 

The buses are affected even more than the rail network, with several bus services delayed or cancelled due to the weather conditions. 

Go to the dedicated Greater Manchester Transport page for more info, and if you're hoping to travel on the London-Glasgow route tonight, best keep tabs on the Virgin Trains website.

Liverpool and Wales

It appears Liverpool's famous ferry across the Mersey is running as normal, and there are no major delays on the buses. However the rail network in and around the city has been disrupted with some delays, but most trains are still running. 

In Wales on the Arriva Trains Wales, there are severe delays from Cardiff, Swansea, Pembrokeshire and Holyhead. Passengers have also been told not to use the service to travel between Cardiff and Shrewsbury. Buses have also replaced trains between Llandudno Junction and Blaenau Ffestiniog. 

For more information, go the Merseyrail page or check out live updates on the Arriva Trains Wales page or the Traffic Wales page.

Bristol and the South West trains

Several National Rail services from Bristol are delayed but there are few cancellations and mos services appear to be running regularly, CrossCountry has also warned of disruption to its service today. 

In the South West the train network generally looks ok, earlier delays between London Waterloo and Barnes and between Wimbledon and Surbiton seem ot have cleared. Check out the South Western Railway bulletin board for more info.

Leeds and Yorkshire

The gritters have been out in the city this morning in an attempt to clear the roads, but several buses changed their routes to only travel on main roads, due to the poor conditions on other roads.

Earlier National Rail warned of no service between Leeds and York but this service is now running again with some delays. Some services between Kings Cross and York and Edinburgh have been cancelled however there are still trains running between the destinations. There is also disruption through Berwick-upon-Tweed. 

Unfortunately for those staying at home, Yorkshire Water reported that many customers had no water this morning due to frozen pipes, meaning it could be tricky to warm up with a nice cup of tea.

If you're in the Leeds area, you can find out more via the Leeds Travel Info website, and if you're travelling on the trains you'll probably want to check out the Northern Rail and Virgin Trains East Coast pages. For more on the north-east, see our dedicated section directly below.

Newcastle and the North East

The Tyne and Wear Metro is running a limited service with trains roughly every 20 minutes on the Green Line and roughly every 30 minutes on the Yellow Line. 

Dlayed buses have only been operating on main roads which have been gritted, meaning drivers may also struggle to get around on residential roads where the snow has not been cleared. Bus services will be ending earlier than usual, most between 7pm and 8pm. 

Almost all National Rail services out of the city have been severely delayed or cancelled. 

Local newspaper The Chronicle runs a comprehensive travel section, which you can see here.


Travel South Yorkshire reported several suspended bus routes, with others running on diversions or shorter routes due to the conditions on the roads. All buses are subkect to delays.

Most National Rail services appear to have been running, but some services are delayed and there are a few cancellations. East Midlands Trains and CrossCountry have both warned of disruption of their routes.

Take a look at the Travel South Yorkshire page for more information.


Main roads were mostly clear of snow this morning allowing drivers to travel, however other roads which have not been cleared are causing very dangerous conditions for anyone wanting to drive. Many buses have been diverted due to weather conditions and some services are not travelling as far as usual. 

The majority of ScotRail services have been cancelled and CrossCountry and Virgin Trains are warning of disruption. Almost all train services from Edinburgh have been cancelled. 

You can find out more via the ScotRail website and the dedicated Transport for Edinburgh page.


Buses in Glasgow are stopping earlier than usual tonight. Most National Rail services are cancelled and as mentioned above, the majority of ScotRail services have also been cancelled, with CrossCountry and Virgin Trains warning of disruption on their lines.

Again, check out ScotRail or Virgin Trains if you want specific information about disruptions, and you can find out about the road and bus network via Glasgow's dedicated SPT website.