'Beautiful work' - Many praise Piers Morgan for Donald Trump interview

'Beautiful work' - Many praise Piers Morgan for Donald Trump interview

Piers Morgan spoke to Donald Trump about Britain First

Friday, January 26, 2018

Piers Morgan has been widely praised after interviewing Donald Trump, with some even claiming the presenter is keeping the 'special relationship' between Britain and America alive.

The US President was questioned about retweeting far-right group Britain First last year, which caused much outrage in the UK.

He responded by saying: "If you are telling me they're horrible people, horrible, racist people, I would certainly apologise if you'd like me to do that."

Trump also claimed he didn't know anything about the group when he retweeted them and knows "nothing about them today other than I read a little bit."

Although some are arguing over whether this was an apology or simply a promise to apologise, many are agreeing Morgan has conducted a great interview. 

Some have called it "beautiful" and "brilliant" and his Good Morning Britain co-presenter Susanna Reid described it as a "terrific scoop."

However, despite most reaction on Twitter being positive, there are some who are criticising Morgan for not "ripping him apart" as he does other guests on his morning show. 

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