Ben Jardine hints to Dan Wootton than Roxanne Pallett came close to cheating on her fiance with him in Celebrity Big Brother house

Ben Jardine hints to Dan Wootton than Roxanne Pallett came close to cheating on her fiance with him in Celebrity Big Brother house

Monday, September 10, 2018

Former Celebrity Big Brother contestant Ben Jardine, who raised viewers’ eyebrows with his flirtation with engaged Roxanne Pallett, has hinted to Dan Wootton that they may have kissed if he hadn’t have walked away.

Speaking on September 9 on Dan’s Dilemmas on talkRADIO - the day before the Celebrity Big Brother final airs on Channel 5 - Jardine spoke about the pair’s apparent attraction.

“I’m a little bit of a lost soul, hence my past. I saw that in Roxy,” said Jardine, who appeared on Married at First Sight last year.

He married stranger Stephanie, but the pair decided to divorce just a few months in after he cheated on her.

Jardine is in the process of divorcing, as the pair had to wait for 12 months to elapse before being able to divorce.


'If she was single, that would've happened'

Jardine even admitted during a ‘Confession’ task that he had crush on Pallett, and gave her a swift peck when she asked what his confession had been (housemates were unaware of each other’s confessions).

“She even let you go in for a kiss!” said Wootton.

“True, but I was in a 13-year relationship and she cheated on me. I ain’t gonna be that guy,” replied Jardine.

He admitted the situation might have been different if Pallett had been single.

“I’ll be honest, single, yes, that would’ve happened. But I had to stop myself and I was the one that walked away out of that.”

“You think if you hadn’t have walked away, she potentially would have cheated on her fiance?” asked Wootton.

“All I can say is, eyes don’t lie. If someone’s there for ten seconds, they ain’t there for their health, are they!”



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Pallett caused controversy when she accused fellow contestant Ryan Thomas of ‘punching’ her after he mimicked boxing moves near her, but didn’t appear to make contact with her body.

Her former Emmerdale co-stars came out in support of Thomas, saying Pallett had made accusations about others in the past and calling her 'vindictive'.

“Now we’ve seen what happened, do you think she was actually feeling something, or now we’ve learned her personality, do you think there was a chance she was manipulating you so you were an ally in the house and to give her a storyline? I’m just trying to understand how she thinks, because she clearly thinks in a different way to most people,” said Wootton.

“I wear my heart on my sleeve,” Jardine responded.

“I told her all my deepest darkest… you do in that environment. And I feel, looking back on it, has she played on that? I do feel, I’d love to meet the real Roxy one day.”


The Celebrity Big Brother final airs tonight on Channel 5 at 9pm