Ben Needham: 'fabric' and information of 'slight interest' found in Kos Island search

Ben Needham: 'fabric' and information of 'slight interest' found in Kos Island search

The excavation on the island of Kos

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The search for the missing toddler Ben Needham on the island of Kos has found information of "slight interest", including some fabric, following an initial excavation of a site close to where he was last seen.

A 19-strong team of South Yorkshire Police officers, forensic specialists and an archaeologist have been scouring an arid stretch of farmland where 21-month-old Ben was last seen a quarter of a century ago.

It was the first day after a fresh excavation of the site, which was implemented after evidence emerged suggesting the Sheffield toddler may have been killed and buried there, yards from where he vanished while his grandfather was renovating a property.

Detective Inspector Jon Cousins, from South Yorkshire Police, said the team - joined by local search and rescue volunteers - had made good progress in recovering potential evidence.

He said: "We found, as expected, a vast number of bones yesterday. Each one was examined immediately, and each one was discounted there and then as being an animal bone.

"There are some other items that are of slight interest - the odd piece of fabric. That is being analysed and looked at, but there is slight interest.

"Everything is being carefully looked at. We want to make sure: do they or do they not relate to any of the items Ben was wearing on that day?"

The toddler was wearing a white and green shirt and a pair of leather sandals on the day he went missing, July 24 1991. To establish whether the fabric is the same, the items have been forensically collected and photographs sent to colleagues back in the UK before a decision is made on whether they require further examination and testing.