Berlin truck attack: Far-right leader roars 'the horror has arrived' and attacks Merkel

Berlin truck attack: Far-right leader roars 'the horror has arrived' and attacks Merkel

A truck was driven into Breitscheidplatz yesterday

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A leading member of Germany's far-right has warned 'the horror has arrived' as Islamophobic movements rush to condemn Angela Merkel for last night's truck attack in Berlin.

Frauke Petry, the leader of the eurosceptic and anti-migrant Alternativ fur Deutschland (AfD) party, has published a bullish Facebook post in the wake of the attack that has left at least 12 people dead and could fuel Islamophobic sentiment in a country already strongly divided over the thousands of migrants who have entered the country in the past year.

Petry, who has previously been dubbed 'Adolfina' for her hard line stance on immigrants, also wrote that Mosques which "preach jihad" must be closed and said that "Germany is not safe anymore."

She wrote: "The horror is now also arrived. The radical Islamic terror has struck in the middle of Germany. 

"We must not be under any illusions. The milieu in which such deeds [as last night's attack] can thrive is in the past year and a half through negligence and systematically been imported.

"We need to take control of our territory, without any ifs and buts. The police and the secret services have to be upgraded, potential terrorists and so called instigators must rigorously be deported. Mosques in which the jihad is preached must be closed. 

"Germany is not safe anymore. It should be the duty of the Chancellor to tell you this. Since they won't do it, I'll let you know."

Despite the huge criticism she has faced in Germany for her anti-migrant policies, which include shooting illegal immigrants, and her description of refugees as "compost," Petry has risen to prominence in recent months, exploiting the widespread anger felt towards Ms Merkel for her acceptance of mass immigration.

Her party, AfD even surged ahead the Chancellor's CDU party in local elections in September, echoing the growth of Front National in France.