Berlin truck attack: We won't live in fear of terrorist, says German journalist

Berlin truck attack: "This shall not change us," says journalist

The truck used in the attack

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A German journalist has revealed the peoples' defiant attitude to the attack upon a Christmas market in Berlin, and said the attack "won't change us".

Last night a man drove a truck into Breitscheidplatz, a busy Christmas market, in a suspected terrorist attack which killed 12 people and injured 48. 

Olly Knack, a journalist for B.Z. newspaper in Berlin, revealed the atmosphere in the city in the wake of the incident. 

"It's a terrible morning, after last night's news," he told Paul Ross. "I've been to the Christmas market several times, it's a huge tourist attraction.

"The city is waking up to the news, and I would say it's a different feeling. [But] what I have heard from other people is that this shall not change us.

"It was clear that something like this will happen one day to Berlin, but people are saying they won't change, because fear is what those people probably want to achieve and I won't be scared because of it."

Listen to the interview above.