'The best speech in Parliament all year' - Jeremy Corbyn lauded for Queen's Speech performance

Corbyn has been widely praised for his speech today

Corbyn delivered a stirring speech today

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn has been praised by supporters for his speech in the House of Commons today.

After the Queen's Speech, the Labour leader criticised Theresa May and her Government, saying: "This is a government without a majority, without a mandate, without a serious legislative programme.

"We will use every opportunity to vote down government policies that failed to win public support and we will use every opportunity to win support for our programme that did."

He also called for "tariff-free access to the European market to protect industries and jobs in this country," The Mirror reported.

Corbyn also spoke about the Grenfell Tower fire and claimed all of the deaths could have been avoided, before talking about the recent UK terror attacks, saying: “Hate has no creed, violence has no religion and we must strand up against hatred whoever the target.”

Some Twitter users have described Corbyn's performance in the House of Commons as the best yet and others have hailed him for his emotion and compassion.

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