Beware the wrath of the Beliebers: Has Justin Bieber pushed his fans too far?

Wrath of the Beliebers. Has Justin Bieber pushed his fans too far?

#BeliebersRoastJustinParty is one of the top trends on Twitter

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

We might be facing a new world order. 

For years, the Beliebers have been in staunch support of Justin Bieber, one of the most solid and prolific fan bases in the industry. They've defended their idol, their god, through thick and thin.

But now, they've turned from a loving crowd into a baying mob as they turn on their leader, having made #BeliebersRoastJustinParty one of the top trends on Twitter today.  

Why, I hear you ask?

For the last few weeks, even years, tension has been brewing in the Belieber camp between the star and his fans because of the way he allegedly treats them. He's recently refused to take pictures with devoted followers, cancelled tour dates in different countries and been generally unpleasant to his loyal Beliebers. Many people have slammed the singer's rudeness towards them, saying - quite rightly - he would be nothing without his fans.

Then it all kicked off this week, with the Beliebers going into open revolt.

For the most part, it began after his new girlfriend, Sofia Richie, began to receive abuse online. Bieber took a stand against trolls who routinely insulted her (possibly borne of jealousy) by threatening to deactivate his Instagram account.

A few days later, after his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez got involved, his account vanished from the social media site. There was uproar from the fans and guilt on the part of Gomez, who posted a picture to say that she shouldn't have said anything. 

However, suddenly the Instagram account reappeared, and there was jubiliation - and a little confusion - from his followers. Only a few days later, the pop star robbed fans of this fleeting euphoria by saying on Twitter the reactivation of the account had been an accident. This was the final straw which broke the Beliebers' backs, and they've now taken to Twitter to air their anger in force. They're mad as hell and they're not gonna take it any more.

Check out some of their tweets below!