The Big Debate: Should we get rid of roads?

The Big Debate: Can we get rid of roads?

It could be a long road to find the answer to this debate

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Jon Holmes is back, and with his return comes an all-new Big Debate.

This week has seen Aberdeen firm SeaEnergy reach the end of the road after being placed in administration. Accountants KPMG have been taken on to find a buyer.

That naturally led on to a discussion of roads - and whether we can we get rid of these car-carrying asphalt strips.

Listener Roger is someone who most certainly would never use a road.

"The famous saying is 'all roads lead to Rome', and no one wants to go to Rome any more," he explained. 

"I say we create a bunch of sinkholes where the roads are and let them all slip away."

On the other side of the road is Derek, who thinks streets are pretty much essential.

"The prospect of bumping over fields and going in to sinkholes is very bumpy on your bottom," he said.

"And I need to get up to see my mother. I'm blowed if I'm going to go down a sinkhole to do it."

Listen to the full debate and decide whether to follow the path of least resistance, or journey along the highway to hell.