Bill Clinton's White House guru tells George Galloway: 'We should forgive Jeff Sessions and move on'

Donald Trump: 'Trump's diplomacy all a bargaining position to get a deal', says former Bill Clinton advisor Dick Morris

George Galloway interviewed Dick Morris on his show about Donald Trump

Monday, February 13, 2017

The man who once advised Bill Clinton in the White House has said we should forgive whatever Jeff Sessions did in the past, as it's just standard fare for a Southern politician.

Sessions, chosen by Donald Trump as America's new Attorney General, has sparked fury among critics of the new President for the string of controversial things he has said in the past, many of them centring on race.

The appointment was the subject of an impassioned speech last week by Congresswoman Elizabeth Warren, who read out a letter by Martin Luther King's widow decrying Sessions' appointment to a federal judgeship the 1980s.

But Dick Morris, a pollster and campaign consultant who played a key role in the Clinton Presidency, told George Galloway that Sessions' previous attitudes and behaviour are typical of a man from Alabama.

"If you scratch any Southern politican more than 30 years old, you’ll find stuff not that attractive," Morris said.

"At some point you have to forgive people their pasts and look at their present.

"He [Sessions] will make make a fine attorney general. He’ll keep out illegal immigrants. We believe that illegal immigration depresses wage levels."

Morris also said Mr Trump's bluff and bluster is all part of a carefully crafted plan, based on his success in property.

He said: "The fact of the matter is that Trump is before anything else, a real estate businessman.

"They come in demanding everything, but then they cut a deal and get a price and come out of it best friends. That’s the difference between normal diplomacy and Trump’s diplomacy.

"He comes on threatening everything – he tells Australia their policy is outrageous, he calls Taiwan to freak out China – it’s all a bargaining position to come to an equitable deal.

"Diplomats are used to not telling the truth and then stabbing you in the back once the session breaks up."

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