Billboards appear across London celebrating 'Brexit collaboration' between Russia and UK

Russian Posters

A billboard spotted in Stoke Newington, north London. Image: Caitlin Doherty/PA Wire

Thursday, November 8, 2018

A series of posters have appeared across London in "celebration" of a "Brexit collaboration" between Russia and the UK.

One billboard, spotted in north London shows a winking Vladimir Putin with the words: "Let's celebrate a red, white and blue Brexit".

Another, seen in east London, depicts former foreign secretary Boris Johnson suspended from a zip wire holding Russian flags, along with the caption: "Thank you! Boris".

The billboards have been put up by a group calling itself Proud Bear, who claim to be a collective of Russian GRU agents who want people to "celebrate their role in 2016's Brexit vote".


'Thank you! Boris'

One of the billboards spotted in Bethnal Green, east London. Image: Caitlin Doherty/PA Wire

On their website, the group say they are raising money to have an advert displayed on a 40-metre wide LED screen at London's Waterloo train station, which costs £55,000 to rent.

So far, the group's campaign page says they have raised £1,206 of their target.

A press release about the campaign was sent out to members of the media from a Gmail account named Aleksandr Petrov, which was the pseudonym used by Salisbury poisoning suspect, Alexander Yevgenyevich Mishkin.

Alexander Yevgenyevich Mishkin. Image: Getty


'Concerned about democracy'

The campaign group's official Twitter page follows just one account called Fancy Bears, which is the name of the renowned Russian hacking group who leaked data they claimed showed drug misuse by athletes in 2016.

Fancy Bears, which was made up of officers in the Russian Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) were charged with computer hacking, wire fraud, aggravated identity theft and money laundering in the US in October.

Its website has been seized by US law enforcement authorities.

talkRADIO asked the National Cybersecurity Council to investigate whether there was a link between Fancy Bears and Proud Bear, but a source told us they were inclined to think any suggested link between the two was a hoax. 


Hidden in the Proud Bears website source code is a message written in Russian, revealing the sentiment behind the posters that have appeared.

It says everyone involved is a volunteer "concerned about the state of our democracy". 

"Financing Proud Bear is fully secured by the proceeds from the sale of giant eggplants grown on offshore land in Panama and watered solely with tears of Georges Soros," it reads.

"But seriously, all of us are volunteers and are engaged in this project only because we are really concerned about the state of health of our democracy and the fact that not one of our leaders and a very small number of active politicians show any readiness to move their goals and protect her.

"Theresa May prefers to promote Brexit's ridiculous plan instead of stopping for a moment and truly investigating the question of whether Russia's influence was really decisive in the vote.

"The UK immediately needs a Muller-style investigation into Russian intervention in the Brexit campaign."