Black congressman threatened with lynching for demanding Trump impeachment

Al Green made headlines by demanding Trump's impeachment on Wednesday

Al Green revealed the voicemails in a town hall meeting

Sunday, May 21, 2017

A black member of the US Congress has revealed he was threatened with lynching for demanding the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Democrat Al Green, of Texas, made the revelation during a town hall meeting on Saturday (May 20).

Green played recordings of several threatening voicemail messages, received since he demanded Trump's impeachment.

One told Green "you'll be hanging from a tree" while another, which others called him a "n****r".

Green has made the voicemails available on YouTube and they can be heard here.

The Houston-based politician called for Trump's impeachment on Wednesday, becoming the first member of Congress to do so from the floor of the House.

These calls have since grown in volume, fuelled by reports that Trump passed classified security information to Russia, and that his campaign team was communicating with the Kremlin prior to his election last November.