'Black Hitler' to stand for election for far-right party in Finland

Putulukeso will stand in the eastern city of Vaasa

Joao Bruno Putulukeso will stand for election under the slogan 'love is the weapon of victory'

Monday, March 6, 2017

A Finnish pastor who has been dubbed 'the black Hitler' is to stand for election in the country's municipal elections.

Joao Bruno Putulukeso will stand for the ultra-nationalist True Finns party (also known as simply The Finns) in an attempt to moderate its uncompromising image.

Putulukeso, who came to Finland from Angola, will stand in the eastern city of Vaasa under the slogan "love is the weapon of victory," according to news agency EFE.

He has said: "I want immigrants to understand that the True Finns are not enemies of the immigrants. Immigrants must respect the law and the rules, and then they can integrate in peace."

Despite his stated intentions, Putulukeso's decision to stand for the far-right party has caused uproar on social media and led some to call him "the black Hitler."

The True Finns are known for their ultra-nationalism, staunch euroscepticism and strongly conservative stance on issues such as homosexuality. Immigration has been a key theme of the party's policy platform in recent years; its leaders have described groups such as Roma gypsies as "criminals" and said refugees should not be welcomed in Finland. 

The True Finns finished second in Finland's parliamentary elections in 2015, securing a role in government, but since then the party's popularity has plummeted and its leader Timo Soini has announced he will step down in June.


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