Blairite Progress faction doesn't have Labour's best interests at heart, says George Galloway

Labour party has 'unique position in British politics' because of fundraising, caller tells George Galloway

Jeremy Corbyn at his election

Thursday, January 5, 2017

George Galloway has suggested the pro-Blair Progress movement doesn't have the Labour Party's best interests at heart.

Galloway made the comments while chatting with a caller, Damian from Brighton, who highlighted the huge spike in membership under Jeremy Corbyn and pointed out that £4 million was raised in just 48 hours during his leadership election campaign.

Galloway says Progress, a movement formed to represent Labour's centrist faction, doesn't actually want a genuine Labour at all. He believes this is why Corbyn was elected leader - because people want a genuine left-wing party to represent them.

Listen to the call above