Blair's former press chief rubbishes Corbyn's chances of becoming prime minister

'There is no chance Jeremy Corbyn could become Prime Minister at the moment', says Labour's former head of press

Jeremy Corbyn may put forward a Queen’s Speech (Stock image)

Monday, June 12, 2017

There is no chance Jeremy Corbyn could become Prime Minister now because the numbers simply don't stack up for him, according to Labour's former head of press.

Labour are expected to put forward a Queen’s Speech to Parliament and ask the SNP and other minor parties to back it, in the hope of toppling Theresa May.

But Matthew Doyle, who headed up the Labour press team during the 2005 general election and later served Gordon Brown, told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "The numbers simply aren’t there for him to walk into 10 Downing Street, even adding together everybody he could possibly muster.

"I think it is possible, however, that there will be opportunities to defeat the government on an issue-by-issue basis."

Doyle also made a cutting political point about Corbyn's perceived indifference during last year's election campaign. 

"The way in which Jeremy Corbyn and the supporters certainly threw themselves into this general election campaign, if only he’d shown that level of enthusiasm going into the referendum...we might be in a different place on that issue as well," the interviewee said.

Although there remains some talk of a fresh attempt by Labour's moderates to depose Corbyn, Doyle said "ultimately the party membership is still supportive of Jeremy. There would have been no point in mounting a leadership challenge."

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