'Blood on his hands' – George Galloway savages Tony Blair after Brexit speech

'Blood on his hands' – George Galloway savages Tony Blair after Brexit speech

Our host didn't hold back on the former Prime Minister

Monday, February 20, 2017

George Galloway blasted Tony Blair in the opening monologue of his show last Friday following the former Prime Minister's speech on Brexit. 

Blair called it a "mission" for pro-EU voters to change the minds of Eurosceptics in a speech which has been widely condemned by Brexiteers. 

In the speech, he said that if they didn't at least try, it would lead to a "rancorous verdict from future generations."

Our host made it clear exactly what he thought. 

He said: "A rancorous verdict from future generations – said Tony Blair, the man with the blood of a million people on his hands.

"A man, who over millions of words in the Chilcot report, which lies gathering dust on the shelves of Whitehall, was savagely indicted on a war which has killed one million people. A war which has spawned ISIS and Al-Qaeda, and has sent their extremist fanaticism cascading around the world.

"The blood is still flowing in rivers as a result of Tony Blair. That, Mr. Blair, is the rancorous verdict of future generations.

"A period of ashamed silence from you would have been entirely appropriate. If you are not to speak at the Hague in the dock at a war crimes trial, it’s better you don’t speak at all."

Listen to the full monologue above.