Boat carrying Rohingya Muslims capsizes leaving five dead

Boat carrying Rohingya Muslims capsizes leaving five dead

Many Rohingya people have travelled to Bangladesh

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A boat carrying Rohingya Muslims who are fleeing from violence in Myanmar has capsized leaving at least five people dead.

Police official Yakub Ali said the bodies were recovered by locals from the Shah Porir Dwip fishing village today (September 6), but the boat had capsized at sometime around midnight.

It is not yet clear where the boat was travelling from or whether those on board were part of a group of 450 people who had been detained by Bangladeshi border guards on Tuesday (September 5) and told to go back to Myanmar.

Some of the guards have been allowing refugees through whereas others have forced them back into the country, formerly known as Burma.

The United Nations has reported that more than 125,000 refugees have now travelled to Bangladesh, according to AP.

A camp is now to be set up by Bangladesh to deal with the Rohingya refugees, as currently there is a problem with space and supplies.

It is not known when the camp will be ready but it will be created in Tyingkhali, near another camp which already houses more than 50,000 Rohingya people.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has instructed officials to take fingerprints of people arriving and to put them on a database.

Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi has claimed a misinformation campaign is the cause of the problems in the country.

She reportedly told Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that his deputy prime minister had become a fake news victim after posting photos showing bodies of Rohingya people. However it is claimed the photo is not in relation to the current problems.

The military claimed almost 400 people have died and most of them have been insurgents. But many of the Rohingya people have said that it was Myanmar soldiers who burned their homes and shot at their villages.