Bob Stewart: Parliament shouldn't have say on Brexit deal

Monday, October 21, 2019

Parliament should not have the chance to vote on Boris Johnson's Brexit deal, according to Conservative MP Bob Stewart.

The politician said a decision should be made by the government and the European Union, rather than allowing opposition MPs a say.

"Europe is fed up. If I was a European leader I'd be going ballistic, saying 'You Brits get your act together'," Mr Stewart told talkRADIO's Mike Graham.

"The decision should be between the EU and the government, not actually Parliament."

His comments came after MPs voted in favour of an amendment tabled by independent MP Sir Oliver Letwin on Saturday, which required the Prime Minister to request an extension to the October 31 Brexit deadline.

It passed with 322 votes for and 306 votes against - a majority of 16.

"Oliver Letwin... I know the guy is well-meaning but my goodness, he is really throwing a spanner in the works and frankly he is really very unpopular in the Conservative Party," Mr Stewart added.

"The people that are actually supporting his amendment are doing it for one reason only; to stop Brexit."

He continued: "We had a huge wasted day on Saturday. Total waste of time."

It is expected that a vote on the Brexit deal will happen this afternoon, if Speaker John Bercow allows it.

Government ministers insist they “have the numbers” to get it through Parliament.

And Mr Stewart remained optimistic, insisting Britain "will get out on October 31".

"The Bill will be, in the end, passed. There'll be a hell of a lot of people shouting and screaming, but it will pass in the end," he said.

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