Boko Haram Chibok video: Security expert Will Geddes on how the Nigerian government should get the girls back

Chibok girls: 'The government need to get the local community on side', says security expert

A video released by Boko Haram shows the Chibok girls

Monday, August 15, 2016

Following the publication of a video by terrorist group Boko Haram appearing to show dozens of kidnapped Chibok schoolgirls, security expert Will Geddes said the Nigerian government must secure the support of the local community.

Speaking to talkRADIO, Mr. Geddes gave his view on what the Nigerian government must do in the wake of the video, which appears to show 50 girls who were abducted from Chibok in 2014. In the video a gunman says the girls will be freed in exchange for a number of Boko Haram fighters currently being held prisoner by the Nigerian authorities.

Will Geddes, CEO of security group ICP, said: "One of the things the government really has to focus on is in terms of investing heavily in the area. You've got to get the local community on side." 

"One of the biggest problems that they have is the particular area where they're believed to be holding the girls is a difficult area for the Nigerian forces to penetrate.

"[Nigerian forces have] done quite well so far but they've still got a way to go, Boko Haram have been waving their flag to show their strength.

"It's believed [some have] splintered from the particular section that has pledged allegiance to Islamic State, and it's the group who has splintered away that is believed to have the girls in their capture.

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