'Boris Johnson is 54 going on 14 and needs to grow up', says Tory MP

'Boris Johnson is 54 going on 14 and needs to grow up', says Tory MP

Keith Simpson says Boris Johnson is 54 going on 14

Monday, October 9, 2017

Conservative MP Keith Simpson has said Boris Johnson is "54 going on 14" and needs to grow up, though he wouldn't advise that Theresa May sacks him.

Simpson's fellow MP Dominic Raab has said that there are plans in place for the UK leaving the EU without a deal. Meanwhile some reports claim May could sack Boris Johnson as there has been tension between the pair over the approach to Brexit.

Simpson, the MP for Broadland and a remainer, told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "Boris is 54 going on 14 and needs of course to sort of somewhat grow up."

He said that if he was advising the Prime Minister he wouldn't "move Boris Johnson or Philip Hammond. I would get rid of a lot of middle-ranking and junior ministers...and bring in some of the very good talent we’ve got now from 2010-2015 intakes, which would actually put pressure on both Philip Hammond and Boris Johnson.

"They will see a younger generation coming on who will be looking to the future rather than to the past."

Simpson also believes "the Brexiteers, the Bernard Jenkins, and others see conspiracy and betrayal everywhere" and "the Brexit side are never, ever, ever going to feel that we’re ever going to get a real deal - that’s what drives them.

"We’re the government and if we are unable to get a deal or we make a mess of it, we will be severely punished at the next general election."

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