Boris Johnson and the Brexit liars must be held to account, says MP Norman Lamb

'The Tory Party is likely to fracture by 2020', says Norman Lamb as MPs call for Vote Leave's NHS promise to be upheld

A Vote Leave bus (Getty)

Monday, October 24, 2016

MP Norman Lamb has said the letter calling for the Government to honour the Leave campaign's Brexit pledges is designed to hold the people who "cynically misled people" to account. 

Lamb was one of 41 MPs who signed a letter calling for the Government to uphold the promise by Vote Leave that Brexit will unlock an extra £350 million of NHS spending a week. They ask Philip Hammond to make a pledge in his autumn statement.

 Lamb, who signed the letter, told Sam Delaney: “We want to hold those people to account who I think cynically misled people during the referendum campaign.

"If you think about Boris Johnson, he knew every time he mentioned it that that claim about £350 million was untrue, couldn't be delivered. They now need to be held to account."

“In the short term they just have to find additional resources for the NHS and the care system," he said. “As a country I think we need to have a national discussion about how much we're prepared to pay in tax to ensure we can sustain this system.

Turning to the continued squabbling in the Tory party, Lamb said: "Theresa May doesn’t dare to sack anyone for this because she knows she’s got a majority of 12 and her ability to get the Brexit deal through Parliament is highly questionable, so she’s actually in a very weak position,

"The possibility of the Tory party fracturing at some point between now and 2020 I think is much higher than anyone imagines."

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