Boris Johnson asked to apologise after boy sleeps on hospital floor

The four-year-old was forced to sleep on the floor

Monday, December 9, 2019

Shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth has called on the Prime Minister to apologise to the family of a four-year-old boy who was pictured sleeping on a hospital floor.

The boy slept on the floor of Leeds General Infirmary while he waited for a permanent bed, with his family fearing he had pneumonia.

He was later diagnosed with flu and tonsillitis after waiting five hours on a trolley, before being moved to a bed at 3am.

His mother, 34-year-old Sarah Williment, recounted: “A doctor rushed in and said they needed his bed, and literally within a minute all of his stuff was pulled out of the bed.

"The doctor unplugged his oxygen, picked him up and moved us into what I would describe as a cupboard.

"He kept asking to lay down. He was without a bed for four-and-a-half hours."

 Mr Ashworth said the child's experience had been "shameful", and blamed a "decade of Tory cuts".

"If the Tories win on Thursday, patients including children will suffer five more years of this. We need a Labour government to save our NHS," he said.

Ms Williment said she would be voting Labour in Thursday's election for the first time ever, due to her concerns about the NHS.

"I am frustrated about the system and the lack of beds, which I am presuming is due to a lack of funding to the NHS to deliver the services that are required," she said.

It comes as Boris Johnson prepares to target Labour heartlands in a bid to convince Leave voters that Jeremy Corbyn's Brexit position is akin to a "great betrayal".

The Prime Minister will spend the three days before polls open targeting voters in traditional Labour strongholds, which his party views as key to securing a Conservative majority.

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