Boris Johnson backpedals on NHS Brexit promise

Johnson has suggested the money will go to 'our priorities' rather than the NHS

Boris Johnson took a step back over the NHS this morning

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Boris Johnson backpedaled on his pre-Brexit NHS promises this morning during a fierce grilling from Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid.

Johnson was pushed on the promise he and other leading Brexiteers propounded before last year's EU referendum, that leaving the EU will unlock £350m a week for the NHS.

The Foreign Secretary, who earlier called Jeremy Corbyn a "mugwump" in his first significant appearance in this year's election campaign, insisted that the figure was accurate.

But, he said, the money will be channelled into "our priorities", and not specifically the NHS.

Reid said the true figure released by Brexit is "not even going to be £350m" and suggested the figure touted by the pro-Brexit campaign is "disputed by pretty much anybody".

She added that Britain won't get anything like £350m if the country fails to secure a good deal with Brussels. But Johnson repeatedly stated he sticks by the promise made last June.

When pressed by Reid as to why Johnson's fellow Brexiteer, Nigel Farage, has said the NHS promise was a mistake, the former mayor of London declined to comment.