Boris Johnson backs down from resignation with new Cabinet truce

Boris Johnson backs down from resignation brink with new Cabinet truce

The Foreign Secretary had indicated he would resign if his Brexit vision did not occur

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Theresa May and Boris Johnson have appeared to reach a consensus over Brexit, according to various reports.

The Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary had engaged in crunch talks over his Brexit vision as they met up in New York for a gathering at the United Nations.

The Telegraph had reported that Johnson was ready to quit if May didn't back his vision for Brexit, specifically his insistence that the UK stop making payments to the EU after Brexit - a key condition outlined in his hugely controversial Brexit article last weekend.

However it now appears Johnson has backed down from this position, with reports suggesting that the former mayor of London has accepted that Britain pay for membership of the single market during a post-Brexit 'transition period'.

Theresa May has called a special meeting of the Cabinet for Thursday (September 21) to discuss her Brexit address in Florence, which takes place the following day. 

The Prime Minister is expected to map out her vision for Britain's post-Brexit future during her speech in the Italian city.