Boris Johnson to call for extra £5 billion per year for NHS

Boris Johnson to call for extra £5 billion per year for NHS

Boris Johnson is expected to discuss the NHS in a Cabinet meeting

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Boris Johnson is expected to use a Cabinet meeting to demand £100 million extra a week for the NHS after Brexit.

The Foreign Secretary made clear last week he thinks the health service should be "at the very top of the list" when the UK "takes back control" of money which would have been sent to Brussels had the UK remained a member of the EU.

It is thought he'll use a Cabinet meeting today (January 23) , when Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt will update ministers on the NHS winter crisis, to demand around £5 billion a year extra for the health service.

Britain is expected to keep paying into the EU budget until the end of a post-Brexit transition period in around 2021, and Johnson has insisted the Government will save hundreds of millions of pounds afterwards.

Johnson was rebuked last week after he said the Leave campaign actually underestimated when it claimed Brexit would allow an extra £350 million to be spent on the NHS every week.

Leading health expert Professor Sir Michael Marmot said the Brexit campaign’s highly controversial claim has already been confirmed "a lie."

Chancellor Philip Hammond used his autumn Budget to commit £2.8 billion extra to the NHS in England.

But the Foreign Secretary's move comes as Tories complain about a lack of boldness from Theresa May's Government amid the electoral threat of Jeremy Corbyn's radical Labour offering.

Sir Nicholas Soames is the latest Tory backbencher to voice unease about the style of the Prime Minister's administration, after former minister Nick Boles warned of "timidity and lack of ambition."

Using one of the extended hashtags which have become his social media trademark, Sir Nicholas asked: "Where's the bold and brave? So far, it's dull, dull, dull."