Boris Johnson dismisses call for Dominic Cummings inquiry

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Boris Johnson has rebuffed calls for an independent inquiry of Dominic Cummings’ alleged lockdown breach as he was quizzed by MPs this afternoon.

During the Liaison Committee meeting, chairman Sir Bernard Jenkin asked the Prime Minister why he had not asked Cabinet Secretary Sir Mark Sedwill to conduct an independent review of the adviser’s actions.

Mr Johnson responded: “Quite frankly I'm not certain right now that an inquiry into that matter is a very good use of official time. We are working flat out on coronavirus”

He was also pushed on whether the government’s “moral authority” had been undermined by the row.

The PM said: “This has really been going on for several days now, in the media at least, and I of course am deeply sorry for all the hurt and pain and anxiety that people have been going through throughout this period.”

WATCH: Boris Johnson tells MP's to 'move on' from the Dominic Cummings row

He added: “I think what we need to do really is to move on and to get on to how we're going to sort out coronavirus which is really I think the overwhelming priority of the people of this country.”

However, SNP MP Pete Wishart accused the Mr Johnson of imposing “one rule for those at the heart of government and another rule for everyone else”.

“You’ve somehow managed to unite a nation in condemnation and indignation over your handling of Mr Cummings,” he said.

Mr Johnson’s comments come as 30 of his own MPs call for Mr Cummings’ removal.

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