Boris Johnson hails Anguilla's response to Hurricane Irma

Boris Johnson hails Anguilla's community response to Hurricane Irma

The Foreign Secretary is to visit British foreign territories affected by Irma (stock photo)

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Boris Johnson has praised the community response to Hurricane Irma after beginning his tour of British foreign territories in the Caribbean.

The Foreign Secretary has travelled to the region to see how the communities are responding to the storm.

He is due to visit Anguilla and the British Virgin Islands on his tour.

After landing in Anguilla, he surveyed the damaged areas and gave an address to those gathered at the home of the island's governor, Tim Foy.

He praised the community’s response to the hurricane, saying it was clear the island had been through a “hellish” experience.

The Foreign Secretary pledged the UK would do what it could to support the island in its time of need.

Irma caused severe damage across a number of countries in the Caribbean and in the United States, although it has now begun to abate.