Boris Johnson to have 'crunch talks' with Theresa May in wake of Brexit article

Boris Johnson to have 'crunch talks' with Theresa May in wake of Brexit article

The Foreign Secretary wrote an article on Brexit which has sparked controversy

Monday, September 18, 2017

Boris Johnson is preparing to undergo ‘crunch talks’ with Theresa May about the article he wrote about Britain’s future after Brexit.

The Foreign Secretary wrote a 4,000-word article for The Telegraph where he laid out his vision for the UK’s departure on Saturday.

In it, he claimed Britain would spend £350m on the NHS – a claim which was peddled during the referendum campaign and widely mocked – merely six days before the Prime Minister is to give a key address on the ongoing withdrawal process in Florence.

He also insisted the UK should not have to pay anything for access to the single market.

The article led to many accusations of him being a “backseat driver” from other cabinet members like Amber Rudd.

He also became involved in a spat with the chairman of the UK Statistics Authority, Sir David Norgrove, over the revival of the NHS claim after he claimed the Foreign Secretary had clearly misused official figures.

There have been numerous calls for Johnson to be sacked, with Lib Dem Leader Sir Vince Cable claiming Theresa May’s credibility would be shot if she failed to do so.

Damian Green – the Prime Minister’s de-facto deputy – said Johnson would keep his job and implored people to calm down from a “weekend of excitement.”