Boris Johnson heckled during 'Northern Powerhouse' speech

The heckler was ejected from the venue

Friday, September 13, 2019

Boris Johnson has been heckled while giving a speech in Yorkshire, in which he pledged to unlock the “potential of the Northern Powerhouse”.

The man interrupted the speech and demanded the Prime Minister “get back to Parliament”.

“Why are you not with them in Parliament sorting out the mess that you have created? Why don't you sort it out, Boris?” the heckler said as he was led out by security.

Mr Johnson responded: “I'm very happy to get back to Parliament very soon, but what we want to see in this region is towns and communities able to represent that gentlemen and sort out his needs.”

The Prime Minister said he was “cautiously optimistic” on the chance of getting a new deal with the European Union before the October 31 deadline.

Earlier in the day, Mr Johnson was challenged by a woman at a Doncaster market, who accused him of spinning a "fairytale".

“Where’s the money coming from now then? Why have we all of a sudden got loads of money? All you’re going to do is put the same amount of police on the streets as what you’ve took off,” she said.

“People have died because of austerity and then you’ve got the cheek to come here and tell us austerity’s over and it’s all good now, we’re going to leave the EU and everything’s going to be great. It’s just a fairytale.”

In response Mr Johnson said: “We’re putting money into the NHS we’re putting money into schools and I think there are very good times ahead.”

The Prime Minister was in Yorkshire for the Convention of the North conference, where he promised to hand more power to northern regions, including more funding and decision-making powers.

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