Boris Johnson held talks with Steve Bannon, reports suggest

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Steve Bannon and Boris Johnson have been holding private talks, according to reports.

Buzzfeed reports that Donald Trump’s former chief adviser has been in contact with the former Foreign Secetary.

Steve Bannon had been speaking highly of Johnson when he was over in the UK last week and has been allegedly urging him to challenge current Prime Minister Theresa May for leadership of the Conservative party.

It’s alleged that both men have been exchanging text messages and have been in contact with each other as far back as when Bannon was still working in the White House.

About the claims, both representatives of Bannon and Johnson have declined to comment on whether Bannon has been encouraging Johnson to challenge Mrs May.

In his first public comment about Brexit since his resignation speech to the House of Commons last week, Mr Johnson said Mrs May's plan for free trade in goods under a common rulebook with the EU "can't and won't work".

Writing in The Spectator magazine, he said: "You can't leave an organisation and still be bound by its rules. But that is what the Chequers white paper means.

"It is vassalage, satrapy, colony status for the UK. For the first time in a thousand years our laws will be made overseas, enforced by a foreign court.

"It can't and won't work. Chuck Chequers."