Boris Johnson keeps option to suspend Parliament on the table

Boris Johnson is considering suspending Parliament

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Boris Johnson has declined to rule out suspending Parliament in order to force through Brexit by the October 31 deadline.

The leadership frontrunner said he was not attracted to the “archaic” idea of proroguing Parliament, but Brexit must be delivered.

“Let's get this thing done as a proud representative democracy that asked the people of this country a question, that received a very clear answer that promised faithfully to put that answer into effect and now we have got to do it,” he said.

Earlier this week he told talkRADIO’s Ross Kempsell the UK must leave “come what may, do or die”.

Speaking at a digital hustings, Mr Johnson has rejected the idea of cancelling MP’s summer break to resolve the deadlock.

“I am not necessarily convinced that Parliament can sort out the problem that Parliament has helped to create,” he said.

"Perhaps more sittings of Parliament is not what we want."

His leadership rival Jeremy Hunt said Britain must “negotiate” its way out of the crisis.

He said Mr Johnson’s concrete pledge to leave on October 31 was likely to trigger a general election that could hand power to Labour.

“If you want to be Prime Minister, make promises you can actually deliver,” he said.

“The trouble with 'do or die' is you could end up with a general election, (Jeremy) Corbyn in Downing Street and no Brexit at all.”

He added: “I want to offer a more positive future than that.”

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