Boris Johnson: Labour want Brexit on 'twelfth of never'

MPs are debating an early general election

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The Prime Minister has accused opposition MPs of trying to delay Brexit "forever".

Boris Johnson said Labour would be happy with Brexit on the "twelfth of never", claiming the party was not interested in delivering Brexit.

"All they [Labour] want to do is procrastinate," he told the Commons.

"They don't want to deliver Brexit on October 31, on November 31, even on January 31."

He added: "They just want to spin it out forever, until the twelfth of never. And when the twelfth of never eventually comes around, they'll devise one of their complicated parliamentary procedures and move a motion for a further delay and a further extension then."

His comments came after Jeremy Corbyn said he would back a December general election earlier today, after previously opposing the move.

The opposition leader has pledged to launch an "ambitious and radical" election campaign after assurances that a no-deal Brexit was "off the table".

Mr Johnson said an election was needed because delaying Brexit is "seriously damaging to the national interest", while a fresh Parliament would have a "new mandate to deliver on the will of the people and get Brexit done".

MPs are voting today on a Bill put forward by the Prime Minister for a poll on December 12.

The Liberal Democrats and the SNP are reluctant to accept the proposed election date, fearing it allows time to bring the Withdrawal Agreement Bill before MPs ahead of the start of the campaign.

They have previously signalled support for a poll on December 9, but could put forward a proposal for an election on December 11, which a Number 10 source said the government "could accept".

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