Boris Johnson the leader for ‘extraordinary political times’

Thursday, July 18, 2019

The Conservative Party needs a leader who can navigate an “unprecedented” political climate, according to Tory MP Robert Buckland.

He told talkRADIO’s James Whale he had worked well with both candidates, but is backing Mr Johnson to become the next Prime Minister.

“I have made the decision that in these extraordinary political times we need someone with the charisma and campaigning ability of Boris Johnson,” he said.

“I think he is the better candidate for these unprecedented times and that Mr Hunt, admirable and qualified though he is, is probably better suited to a quieter time.”

Today marks the final day Conservative Party members can return their leadership ballots, with the next Prime Minister set to be announced on July 23.

Mr Buckland said the new leader taking Britain through a smooth Brexit would be an opportunity for “all of us to move on”.

“There’s been a lot of quiet work on a range of issues, whether it’s domestic abuse, whether it’s the environment. A lot of progress made on issues but it’s just drowned out by the noise of Brexit,” he said.

The incoming European Commission president, Ursula von der Leyen, has said she will consider an extension to the October 31 deadline “should more time be required for a good reason”.

However the South Swindon MP said October 31 must be treated as a “drop dead date” as an extension is out of Britain’s hands.

“The real decision has got to be made by the 27 other countries if the UK asks for an extension,” he said.

“Some of the noises we’ve heard for example from the French are entirely to the contrary, that they don’t wish to extend unless there was a particularly good reason.”

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