Boris Johnson: Lords' pay rise 'a decision for them'

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Boris Johnson has avoided responsibility for an increase the daily allowance for members of the House of Lords, saying the “odd” decision was up to the peers.

As of April, those in the Upper House will receive a rise from £313 per day to £323, totalling an annual tax-free income of more than £48,000.

The Prime Minister was grilled on the subject by SNP MP Kirsten Oswald in today’s PMQs, who compared the boost to that received by those on the Universal Credit scheme.

The MP for East Renfrewshire said: “The new daily allowance for the unelected and unaccountable peers being stuffed into the House of Lords by the Prime Minister is set to rise to £323.

“The monthly allowance for a single person over 25 on Universal Credit is £317.82. Is that the levelling up the Prime Minister keeps talking about?”

Mr Johnson responded: “Well I hate agreeing with these people, actually I do find that it is odd that the House of Lords has chosen to do that, but it is a decision for them.”

While his response echoed Ms Oswald’s doubt over the move, he caused a stir by referring to members of the SNP as “these people”.

Members on the opposite bench could be heard repeating “These people? These people?”

Anyhow, Ms Oswald’s questions was praised online.

Fellow SNP MP Amy Callaghan tweeted that it was an "excellent question" that highlighted the "entirely unequal and unfair” system.

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