Boris Johnson ‘not nervous’ ahead of Supreme Court ruling

The historic ruling is expected this morning

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Britain’s highest court is due to decide this morning whether or not Boris Johnson’s suspension of Parliament was in line with the law.

The Prime Minister, who has been accused of an unlawful “abuse of power”, will be in the United States when the Supreme Court makes its historic ruling.

When asked whether he was nervous about the judgement during an interview in New York, Mr Johnson replied: “It takes a lot to make me nervous these days”.

"All I can tell you is that I have the highest regard for the judiciary in this country, I will look at the ruling with care,” he added.

Following the trial that took place over three days last week, 11 justices will decide whether the five-week long suspension of the House of Commons, known as prorogation, was lawful.

The appeal by the government comes after a Scottish court ruled that the Prime Minister had unlawfully asked the Queen to prorogue Parliament and was “motivated by the improper purpose of stymieing Parliament.

The government has maintained that the purpose of sending MPs home was to allow for a Queen’s Speech after the longest parliamentary session since the civil war.

Faced with a question over whether he would resign if the government lost, the Prime Minister said he would “wait and see what the justices decide”.

The Prime Minister did not rule out proroguing Parliament again before the current October 31 Brexit deadline.

He said: “I'm saying that Parliament will have bags of time to scrutinise the deal that I hope we will be able to do.”

Currently MPs are set to return to Parliament on October 14 ahead of a key EU summit on October 17.

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