Boris Johnson 'to plough £700 million into forces fighting Isis and Putin'

Boris Johnson to send £700 million to support British allies against Russia

Boris Johnson is set to set money aside for states reportedly threatened by Russia

Monday, February 13, 2017

Boris Johnson will set aside £700 million to support British allies under threat from Russia and extremist groups such as Islamic State, according to a new report.

The Sun claims the money will be channelled from the aid budget into a new "empowerment fund", and some of this money is to be spent on various projects in the Baltic countries and Ukraine.

This will support them in the face of perceived hostility by Russian President Vladimir Putin, even though a number of critics in the media, including talkRADIO's George Galloway, believe Britain has been unnecessarily hawkish towards Russia in recent years.

The newpaper also claims some of the money will be used to bolster UK allies in the Middle East against extremist groups. Large tracts of Iraq and Syria are currently battling Isis, while Yemen and Lebanon also have huge problems with hardline Islamist forces.