Boris Johnson responds to backlash over ‘suicide vest’ column

Boris Johnson responds to backlash over ‘suicide vest’ column

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Boris Johnson has said that talkRADIO should read his Mail on Sunday column “to your readers” to “declaim it” after Mr Johnson received backlash for comparing Theresa May’s Brexit strategy to a “suicide vest”.

Johnson told talkRADIO’s Ross Kempsell: “I think you need to go off and read the whole article and read it to your readers.

“That is my advice to you. Declaim it.

“You’ll find it goes down very well.”

Listen: Boris Johnson tells talkRADIO to 'declaim it'

This comes as Johnson’s Daily Mail column received criticism from within the party after describing Mrs May’s Brexit strategy as a “suicide vest”.

Johnson said: "We have opened ourselves to perpetual political blackmail. We have wrapped a suicide vest around the British constitution - and handed the detonator to Michel Barnier.

"We have given him a jemmy with which Brussels can choose - at any time - to crack apart the union between Great Britain and Northern Ireland."


‘This is the political end of Boris Johnson’

Sir Alan Duncan, Johnson's former deputy at the Foreign Office, said: "This marks one of the most disgusting moments in modern British politics.

"I'm sorry, but this is the political end of Boris Johnson. If it isn't now, I will make sure it is later." 

However Andrew Bridgen, the Conservative MP for North West Leicestershire came to the defence of the former Foreign Secretary.

He told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer: “I think that something I admire about Boris Johnson, and something that gives him huge swathes of support across the country, is the fact that Boris calls it as he sees it and people find that refreshing.

“I think he says things as a public political figure which a lot of people are thinking, that most people dare not tread.

“I think that is to be admired and I think that puts public confidence in our political system that someone is speaking up for them.

“As far as other matters are concerned it’s a sad fact that very few extended families in our country won’t have been affected or touched by the tragedy that is family breakdown and I do believe now that the British public, I think they do appreciate that even highly public figures have a right to a private life.”