Boris Johnson tells students: ‘I wanted to be a rock star’

Boris Johnson was interviewed by young journalists

Friday, August 30, 2019

Boris Johnson has revealed he wanted to be a rock star or a supermarket tycoon during a Q&A with young journalists.

He said he had “various ambitions” whilst growing up, including a plan to make kitchen tiles that was a “total flop”.

“I briefly thought I could be a musician, a rock star, but that didn't get very far,” he said.

“Then I thought I would own a chain of multi-brand supermarkets and be a tycoon, but that didn't get very far.”

He added: “It goes to show you've got to try a lot of things first.”

The children, aged nine to 14, had all expressed an interest in journalism and politics and been invited to Downing Street to grill the Prime Minister.

Mr Johnson said he missed the opportunity to cycle since he became leader.

“Unfortunately my bicycle is locked in Parliament. I haven't used my bicycle for ages. I do miss it,” he said.

He said there is a risk that “somebody may try to attack” him, however he pointed out this never happened while he was Mayor of London.

Mr Johnson also promised “not to privatise” the NHS and said he told US president Donald Trump “it is not up for sale”.

He may face criticism from younger voters for his lack of Harry Potter knowledge after he said he would be a member of the Ravenclaw house only once a student gave the same answer.

He admitted: “I'm not as good on Harry Potter as I should be.”

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